Using AGWPE and Associated Programs with TNC-X

NOTE: You NO LONGER need AGWPE to run WinLink! The latest version of RMS Express (the recommended client software for WinLink2K) fully supports KISS mode TNC's like TNC-X. The server side software for W2K has always supported KISS.

AGWPE is a program developed by SV2AGW to allow a variety of packet software programs to interface with a variety of TNC's (including KISS mode TNC's like the TNC-X, as well as BAYCOM, soundcard and others). There are quite a few AGWPE users using TNC-X with success. AGWPE is not required in order to use TNC-X. TNC-X (and other KISS mode TNC's) are supported directly by a wide variety of packet radio programs including, UI-View, WinTNC, WinAPRS, and PR4WIN. However, using AGWPE does allow you to use an even wider variety of programs with TNC-X including AGWTERM (a general purpose packet radio terminal program). The first step in using any of these applications is to install AGWPE.

Setting up AGWPE

There are two flavors of AGWPE... AGWPE and AGWPE Professional. The first version is free, while the second version requires a $50 registration fee. My only experience is with the free version and that will be covered here. While setting up the free version with TNC-X is pretty trivial, most on line documentation indicates that setting up the Professional version is even easier.

Step 1: Download AGWPE. You can find both versions of AGWPE here. You will download a .ZIP file. Create a subdirectory for AGWPE to go in and then move the following files from .ZIP file to that subdirectory:

AGWPE Packet Engine.exe




Run the executable program and afer you make it through the standard licensing screen you will find a screen entitled "RadioPort Selection". Initally there will be nothing listed in this box. Press the "New Port" Button and the following screen will appear:

You need to make the following changes to these settings:

1. Set the COM port to whatever is being used by TNC-X (or the TNC-X USB module, if you are using that).

2. Change the TNC type to TAPR TNC2.

3. Set all of the TNC Control Commands to blanks.

4. Un-select "ExitKiss on Exit."

5. Make sure the serial port/mdoem BaudRate is set to 9600 (also make sure the TNC-X jumpers JP1 and JP2 are set to 9600.

6. Label Port1 on the TNC RadioPort anything you would like. When you are done, it should look like this:

Press OK and you will be told that you need to restart the program in order for the changes to take effect, it will then exit. To accomplish this, look for the AGWPE icon on your taskbar:

Click on this icon and a menu will come up that will allow you to exit the program:

Start up the program again, click on the icon and select "Properties". You will then see that your AGWPE port has been created.


You are now ready to load and run any AGWPE software that you want to use.