TNC-X for the Beaglebone Black


TNC-Black sits atop the Beaglebone Black. The 9 pin D-sub connector interfaces to your radio.

TNC-Black is a special version of TNC-X designed to interface directly with the Beaglebone Black computer. Like the Raspberry Pi, the Beaglebone Black is an inexpensive single board computer. But the BBB has a beefer processor with better graphics and MUCH more I/O. It can be configured to connect to any one of four available serial ports on the BBB, so it is possible to stack four TNC-Black's on the same Beaglebone Black. You can also connect the TNC to the BBB using it's I2C bus, which will allow even more TNC's to be stacked.

The firmware for TNC-Black is based on the original TNC-X code by John Hansen, W2FS as modified by John Wiseman, G8BPQ to support the I2C protocol as well as the original serial port connection.


Imagine running a pair of TNC-Blacks with a single Beaglebone Black to create a dual frequency digipeater. G8BPQ has created a new version of his venerable BPQ multi-port packet program that will support this.

Two TNC-Blacks on a BBB.

TNC-Black is a fun, easy to build kit. All parts are through-hole; there's absolutely no surface mount soldering involved. You can view a copy of the manual here. It is shipping now at an introductory price of only $43 (plus shipping).

If you have any questions contact John Hansen W2FS at:

TNC-Black (TNC-X for Beaglebone Black Kit ($43)