Instructions For Installing Drivers for Rev. 4.0 USB Modules

Flash: Someone just pointed out to me that FTDI now has an executable driver installation program for Windows. You just run the program and it takes care of the driver installation for you. This would be substantially simpler than the instructions given below. You can find a link to the executable in the comments section of the pages linked to below. I have not tried this myself, but I've been assured that it does work well.

You can obtain the needed drivers for your Linx USB module from this webpage:

FTDI Chip Drivers

Instructions on installing the drivers can be found here. It may appear that you are doing the installation twice, but you really aren't. The first installation is for the USB module, the second is for the virtual com port. Note that in it possible to change the COM port of the device after it has been installed, however, my experience is that if you change the COM port designation, you must reboot your computer before it becomes effective.

Note that if you are using Linux, you probably will not need to do any driver installation at all. Support for this module is currently built into the Linux kernel.

If you run into any problems, contact me by email, or post your question on the TNC-X newsgroup.


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