A BlueTooth Daughter Board for TNC-X!

Instructions for Pairing Your X-BT and Configuring APRSDroid for TNC-X

The X-BT Daughter Board
TNC-X with the X-BT Installed
APRSDroid Terminal ScreenShot
APRSDroid Map ScreenShot

X-BT is a plug in daughter board for TNC-X that allows you to connect your BlueTooth-enabled phone or PC to TNC-X wirelessly. The BlueTooth TNC-X will show up on your phone or computer as a standard serial port. You can carry your phone around the house with you and monitor APRS activity! X-BT plugs into the expansion header contained on every TNC-X.

APRSDroid (c) is an APRS program for the Android platform developed by Georg Lukas. It is available at aprsdroid.org. More extensive screenshots are available on the aprsdroid website. X-BT is available for only $25 plus shipping and handling in the United States.. For mail orders contact John Hansen, W2FS.

Note: This product is temporarily out of stock.