A Digipeater Daughter Board for the TNC-X

Firmware Loading Instructions

Version 3.0 Beta Firmware

Now Available!

To update the firmware in your X-Digi you will need the following bootloader software:


This bootlader was provided free of charge by Claudiu Chiculita and I'm indebted to him for his excellent contribution. Unfortunately the program currently only runs under Windows. Hopefully if you are using X-Digi under an alternative operating system, you can find a Windows machine to borrow for the firmware upgrade process.  When downloading this program with Google Chrome it may notify you that it thinks the program is malware.  It is not.

The software doesn't need to be installed, just put thetinybldWin.exe file and the tinybld.ini file in a directory somewhere and run it. You'll get a screen that looks something like this:

You can use the browse button to select the .HEX file to be loaded into X-Digi. You can obtain the latest firmware below. Make sure that the Comm baudrate is set to 19200 and that you have selected the Com port that will be connected to TNC-X.

To prepare X-Digi for new firmware, reconfigure the XDigi jumpers as shown below.

Then install the XDigi Daughterboard in TNC-X.

At this point, leave TNC-X turned off. Now click the CheckPIC button on the program and then turn TNC-X on. You should receive a message indicating that the Tiny Bootloader has found your PIC. Turn TNC-X off, click the Write Flash button and turn TNC-X back on. Your firmware should now load. Finally, turn TNC-X off once again and reconfigure the X-Digi jumpers. When you next turn on TNC-X, it should run the new firmware.


The current version of the .HEX file firmware can be downloaded here:

Version 1.0

Version 1.1

Version 1.2

Version 2.0 (This is now the standard release with new shipments of XDigi)

Version 3.0 (Adds Telemetry Beaconing and Callsign Blocking... this is Beta!)

Version 3.0C (Allows the Blocklist to be edited remotely and fixes a couple of other issues...This is still Beta!)