Coastal ChipWorks, the manufacturer of TNC-X, TNC-Pi and many other great digital communications products has ceased operations. It has been a wonderful two decades of service and we want to express our gratitude to all of our customers.

I am working on a mechanism by which TNC-Pi will continue to be available. A clone of the original TNC-X is currently available from MFJ Enterprises. I hope that the TNC-Pi will be available fairly early in the coming year.

I do not believe that kits will be available for a couple of reasons. Any further production of these kits would rely on surface mount IC's because as time goes by fewer and fewer IC's are available as thru-hole parts. The modem chip that has been used in TNC-X and TNC-Pi, for example, is no longer available except as a surface mount component.

The number of individuals who provided advice, assistance, reviews, and youtube how-to videos over the past 20 years is far too great to permit me to name them all individually here. I never thought this enterprise would grow to the point where I would have to quit my day job, but thanks to all of you, it did. I also would like to thank everyone who encouraged me to make TNC-X an open source project. While I was initially skeptical, I believe that this was critical to the magnitude of this success. Finally, special thanks go to John Wiseman, G8BPQ, without whom there would have been no TNC-Pi or TNC-Pi9k6.